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Updated: Apr 27

With the rise of selfies, everyone loves to have their picture taken. The reality is that there are some who would love to take more pictures, but are uncomfortable when in front of the camera. This feeling might come from not knowing the best way to pose: from where to place your hands, facial expressions, and feet placement. These things can make taking pictures a tad bit overwhelming. You are not alone, because I once felt this way. This is why I created a list of my “9 Easy Posing Tips” that everyone can follow. Pictures are a way to capture moments in time. You want to look and feel your best. So let’s dig into these poses.1.) Breathe while taking your pictures. Your breath helps you to stay relaxed.

Keep your shoulders relaxed by holding them low and away from your ears. This keeps you from having tense shoulders which make you look uncomfortable.3.) Hold your hands in a “U” shape; it keeps them relaxed.4.) When standing, bend one of your knees slightly while keeping the opposite leg straight. This pose creates space and separation — which helps you appear thinner.5.) When facing the camera straight on, focus on the words on the camera. This helps you from being intimidated by looking directly into the lens.6.) When standing, separate your feet by bringing one foot slightly in front of the opposite foot. This gives the appearance of a natural stance.

7.) When standing directly in front of the camera, place your feet a hip-width apart.8.) Give your shirt, hair, or jewelry a light touch. With this slight positioning of the hand, you create movement in your pictures. 9.) Have fun! Show your personality when taking pictures.I am very passionate about helping everyone look and feel their best in front of the camera. Use these tips in your next selfie or photo shoot to make posing easier. When you feel comfortable in front of the camera, it will help you capture and create a beautiful memory.Words by: De’Ana FierceModel Developer & Pose CoachInstagram: @deanafiercewww.deanafierce.comPhotographer Credit: Angie Garcia

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