NHH Curls On Campus- Reneiss Garcia

Reneiss Garcia of University of Houston

Instagram: ruhness

Class: Junior Major: American Sign Language

3 words to Describe you: Eclectic, Bubbly, Open minded

If you could say something to everyone about being "light skinned with curly hair" what would you say? Stop judging. I was dating a guy who's preference was light skinned girls with curly hair and it made me wonder, "If I wasn't, would you still go for me?" Before you judge me, get to know me. I am not my hair.

Whats your prized possession? My sweater collection because most of it is thrifted and its nice to know no one else in the world may have them, theyre all mine.

What is your definition of natural?

For me, I feel like I never had a choice or a reason to straighten my hair. I feel like natural is just you being what you think is natural. If you look in the mirror and see what you think is natural then that is what it is. Your natural is you, your natural is you-nique.


Curls on Campus is a Naturally Happy Hair initiative to celebrate and applaud students on college campus across America who embrace their natural hair. If you would like to represent your college be sure to use the #nhhcurlsoncampus hash tag on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter for possible inclusion. Check back each Wednesday to see if you have been featured.

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