How Loving Your Hair Can Attract A Man - By Cheyenne Bostock

There’s nothing like a beautiful black woman! Her full lips, her curvaceous body, her attitude, and let’s not forget… her hair! A woman’s hair is her “crown”… it is the order in which a man begins to assess her character, her personality, and her value. Oh there’s much more to hair than just fibers; a man can tell a lot about a woman simply by looking at what she does with her hair or the lack thereof. There’s an abundance of things a black woman can do with her hair; she can cut it all off, braid it up, shave the sides, rock an afro, wear a Mohawk, straighten it out, curl it up, the possibilities are endless!

Oh how beautiful it is to watch your lady taking good care of herself, washing her hair, patting it down with a towel, nurturing it, styling it, and being proud of what she’s accomplished right there in the comfort of her own home. I can remember plenty of nights where I would flirt with my lady telling her to stop what she’s doing so she could take care of me… but she would put me on hold because she was busy taking care of “her”. That kind of discipline is beyond attractive in a woman; she knows how to take care of herself, which is a great indication of how well she could potentially take care of her man!

A man might not always be able to run his fingers through a black woman’s hair, but it’s nice to be able to at least touch it, play with it, and occasionally get rough with it, and know that she’s ok with it. It’s a bonding opportunity between a man and his lover; a spiritual and a physical connection that he introduces to the relationship that might not otherwise be possible through hair that isn’t her own.

Oh how sexy it is for a woman whose had dreads for 5, 10, 15 years, and yet and still she’s able to attend every function with a new/different style beyond your imagination. People stare as the woman who’s always had long hair went completely bald. The men stare in admiration… Some of the women stare with excitement that another sista has” come back home”, while others stare wishing they had the guts to make such a bold statement. TV and media has certainly had a huge influence on what “beauty” is and what it means to us, but true beauty will always be in the eyes of the beholder.

When it comes to men, what’s important to him is how much you love “yourself”, because what you do for you (or the lack thereof of) is suggestive of what you can do for him (or the lack thereof). If you don’t like something as simple as your hair, therein lies a deeper psychological issue that’s beyond his control. When it comes to “issues”, men simply don’t want to be bothered or concerned. Consequently, if he is indeed your significant other, he’ll more than likely be subjected to eating the cost associated with somehow finding a solution to your “Hair drama”. What would really make him happy is for you to look in the mirror and be pleased with what you see on any given day.

How can a woman or a man say to you, “I love your hair!” if your hair is someplace hidden under a bone straight Chinese hair blend? How can you say, “Thank you!” to a compliment such as that if in all honesty your hair is braided up, miserable, neglected and dying to be loved and cared for? When you free yourself of false images, you will also free yourself of false people, which in turns welcomes men and women into your life who value and appreciate who you really are because you value and appreciate who you really are.

Side note: The fastest way to eliminate a problem is to address it. If the solution to your hair problem is “covering it up”, then the actual problem will inevitably resurface again in the future. The more you like/love what comes naturally, the less you’ll have to outsource for alternative solutions that don’t. Love yourself!

Not every woman has reached that point in their lives where they feel 100% comfortable in their own skin, or with their own hair, but when that woman finally comes out of her shell, it’s literally like, “WOAH!!!! I don’t know WHO you are, or WHERE you came from… but I LIKE it!!!” At first a man can’t quite figure out what it is about her.. but then it hits him and it it hits him HARD! He’s so used to black women covering up their natural beauty that he forgot just how beautiful a natural woman is! This new energy stems from a combination of her beautiful face, her curvaceous body (of course), her hand made jewelry, and the way she’s rockin’ her natural hair with so much “Swag”!

Definition: Swag- Confidence, Charisma, and Sex appeal.

Nothing is sexier than a woman who can pre-approve herself. She can do something to her hair knowing/feeling that it works for her even if no one else approves. I’m from Brooklyn, so I see these gorgeous Goddesses on a daily basis (Thanks be to God). Dark skinned, brown skinned, caramel and light skinned; more and more beautiful black women are getting back to them. They’re putting a strong focus on themselves, loving every part of them, from their nails, to their skin, to their hair, and by gosh we’re even experiencing a change in their attitudes.

Not every man will appreciate a woman’s natural beauty, but I say if a man has a problem with your natural hair, it’s probably due to his conditioning, not yours! It’s all about “you”! Enjoy taking time to yourself, researching ways to treat your hair with TLC, use this as an opportunity to bond with yourself, or as women like to call it… “Me time”. Going natural isn’t just about a “look”, it’s also about a “feeling”! Getting back to your roots is a spiritual journey that will further connect you to yourself as well as other men and women who have also found themselves and love everything about the person that they see!

Going natural is symbolic of freedom, liberation, elevation, and growth; it’s BIGGER than hair! Getting back to you is the perfect start to reclaiming your life, your relationships, and your legacy. It’s easier to be open to love and being loved when you first love yourself, from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet. It’s clear to a man when a woman truly loves herself; it’s even more obvious when she doesn’t. A man needs a woman who is capable of loving herself unconditionally and independently, so that she can produce the same quality of love interdependently. If you’re looking for love, hold up a mirror! Love the person you see.

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