Get To Know Us Better-Ndidi Abili

Ndidi Abili, Curls On Campus Ambassador\

Going Natural enabled me to: have fun being a woman! And being a Black woman at that, growing up we were always told a woman's hair is her crown. The crown doesn't always have to be straight and relaxed, it can be natural too. I work with NHH because I want to: Feel apart of something amazing. Knowing that I contributed to the movement that involves women loving themselves, makes me feel golden. The first natural hair product I fell in love with was: Novex hair moisturizer. It comes in a big green tube and is around $11 and it works wonders. It's a Brazilian hair product so it may be in Spanish but it leaves your hair soft and hydrated. Right now my hair cant live without: Uncle Funkys Daughter. I just feel like that entire hairline was meant for my 4B curls. Best kept natural hair secret until now is: trim your ends! If you're one of those that don't get their hair cut because you're so in love with length, well I hate to burst your bubble. I may speak for myself when I say but I think getting your ends trimmed promotes better hair growth. Think about it, if you have split ends while your hair is growing your ends will continue to split and you may not see that growth. Healthy hair is better then hair that looks  good. The craziest trend I've ever tried was: dying my little tiny afro purple back in 2012. I was a freshman and I had just taken my braids out and I was feeling... Spontaneous. So I took a purple rinse and turned my fro purple for a day. I predict the next biggest natural hair trend will be: probably crochet braids. I see slowly but surely a lot  more women getting a crochet braid instead of a sew in as a protect style. I love the crochet braid Ive had it 3 times. It's cheap for the hair, all you need is someone to cornrow your hair into 12 braids to the back, sew it up, get the braiding hair and a crochet needle and go to work! This year I'm looking forward to go to: every single NHH event! This year will be a good one. If you could steal anyone's wardrobe it would be: Solange Knowles. I mean, should there have to be a reason? When I splurge its on this: food. Im a big foodie and I try not to splurge on food but when you smell or fantasize about good food how can you say no?

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