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How is semi-permanent eyebrows makeup different from tattoos?

The arch, the shape and the thickness of eyebrows have varied through the history of the fashion world. In a bid to keep up with the constantly changing and evolving fashion trends women all over the world increased the use of tweezers in their hands. The excessive plucking, shaping, reshaping has resulted in misshaped and thinned eyebrows for many. To cope with this drawback of fashion or to deal with naturally thin eyebrows, the medical advancement in cosmetics was sought.

The result of medical progress is options like semi-permanent eyebrows, tattooing and filling in of brows, etc. The technique for applying semi-permanent makeup was developed over a period of few years, and today it is deemed completely safe. Large numbers of women around the globe are reveling with joy credited to semi-permanent makeup. Women who wanted fuller, better filled and shaped eyebrows without the trouble bowing by the eyebrow pencils daily are surely ecstatic.

Semi-Permanent Eyebrows Makeup Vs Tattoos

Semi permanent eyebrow makeup is a procedure that makes use of a specifically designed machine that uses a needle and inserts pigments into a deeper layer of the skin. These pigments are micro in nature and hence do not contain much color. Hence layering of pigments is done in order to bring out a good color to the eyebrows.

From basic description, it may seem like semi permanent eyebrow makeup is similar to tattoo but actually it is not. Though both procedures imply application of ink/ pigment into the skin to form a certain shape/ design, still they are not the same. The difference between the two comes from the fact that semi permanent make up is done by professionals under safety regulation with the use of specific medical equipment which is different as compared toa tattoo needle or a tattoo machine. Also the kind of pigments used for semi permanent make up differs from that used in tattooing.

The ink used in tattoo cannot be used in semi permanent makeup because the pigments in tattoo age with a change in color. Consequently, the black color changes to grey, brown changes to pink/ orange etc. While the change in color is acceptable for tattoos it is definitely not so for the eyebrows. Therefore the pigments for eyebrow makeup differ than the ones used in tattooing

Other Solution to Eyebrow Fixing

The use of eyebrow pencils has been mentioned above and the tiring nature of the daily task has already been pointed out. But one cannot ignore the fact that many women prefer employing this method against semi permanent eyebrow application. Those who have enough time and energy to spend time on eyebrow perfection with the help of pencils also have the advantage of changing the shape of the eyebrows as and when they want.

As an alternative for women who do not mind spending a few minutes every few days on their eyebrows- the solutions like WUNDERBROW are a perfect fit. The solution is not as permanent as the semi permanent eyebrows applied with needles, it also doesn’t vanish every day like eyebrow pencils. These solutions are a mix of pigments and hair like fibers, easy to apply for anyone. They last a few days and can be corrected as and when required.

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