Best Natural Scalp Cleansers Revealed!

Updated: Apr 27

Keeping your scalp healthy and clean is vital to see your hair health. If you're like me and struggle with having a dry flaky scalp it can be a bit of an extra challenge.  But the good news is that with the proper maintenance you can have a healthy, fresh scalp.

Black soap over the past few years has become a staple in many naturalista’s bathrooms both in raw form and in shampoo form.  I highly recommend this type of shampoo if you're struggling with dryness and dandruff. However, don't just pick any brand off of the counter at the store or anything that pops up on your computer screen. Make sure you do your due diligence and see what other ingredients are in the shampoo that you're selecting.

Apple cider vinegar is a great cleanser and acts as a natural anti-septic. I especially love to use this when I have braids in my hair. Add one fourth of a cup to 1 quart of water after washing your hair with a non-sulfate shampoo. It's important that as you slowly pour the mixture over your head that you're massaging your scalp so that the vinegar can seep into the places that need it the most. Leave the mixture on for five minutes then rinse and condition your hair as usual.

It’s to important monitor your scalp over time. Sometimes it’s necessary to change the method that you’re using every few months to see the best results.

And last but not least it's important to make sure that you're eating foods that feed your skin/scalp. We all get into a food rut every once in a while. I find that when I'm eating lots of carbohydrates and other dry foods that my scalp becomes more irritated. When I'm eating more vegetables and fruits it's a lot clearer and easier to maintain. Treat yourself well from the inside out and the results will show.

Words by:  Bimpe Aibinuomo

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