3 Amazing Tips to Deal with Slow Growing, Natural Hair

The thick, bodied hair of women with naturally curly hair is often seen as the essence of their beauty. However, as most girls with thick, naturally curly hair know, it can also be a royal pain in the butt to take care of. Waking up in the morning to hair that looks like you have walked through a tornado is never easy, and many women have taken to using chemical products to “flatten” out their hair naturally voluminous curls.

A recent study written by Kristin Denise Rowe for Michigan State University finds that the natural hair movement amongst African American women is a way for these women to reclaim their own standards of beauty and reject the culturally imposed forms of beauty that often times look down on the thick, natural curls of black women.

Dealing with slow growing, kinky hair, however, is not only the problem of black women. Many African American men also deal with male grooming issues that are related to the problems that come with kinky hair, slow growing facial hair, and several other grooming-related issues. If you are one of the women that is proud of her curls and the beauty that comes with having thick hair, consider these three tips on how to deal with your sometimes kinky hair.

Why Is Naturally Curly Hair Sometimes So Hard to Tame?

Nothing is more frustrating than getting out of the shower and looking at your beautiful looking, wet curly hair to only find that as soon as it dries out, your hair is back to looking like a fuzz ball rather than styled curls. But why does this happen?

According to an article in Naturally, the science behind the frizz and kinkiness in your hair has to do with hydrogen bombs, something you probably learned about in high school chemistry. When your hair is wet, the hydrogen bonds in your hair are actually broken. While this may look better from your perspective, your hair is actually more vulnerable to damage when its wet because these hydrogen bonds form the “backbone” of your hair.

Once your hair begins to dry, however, the hydrogen bonds once again hook up with the proteins in your hair to give it more rigidity. In practice, this amounts to each individual strand of hair seemingly coming to life and bouncing up into a life of its own. So how do we go about controlling these hydrogen bonds? Read on for three, scientifically proven tips to keep your masterfully curly hair beautiful and under your own control.

Tip 1: Use Curl Defining Products

There are dozens of curl defining products on the market today; all of which promise to “tame” your natural frizz to give you the controlled look of beauty that you have been long for. But do these products really work? In theory, they should. Each strand of your curly hair has a life of its ow, buy by using these products you can essentially control the curl pattern of each strand of hair so that it sticks to the curl pattern that we have wanted to maintain with our combs, brushes or even with your hands.

Tip 2: Essential Oils

Another problem related to naturally curly hair is that sometimes it seems to never grow. If your hair stylist took off a bit too much of your curls during your last trip to the salon, it might seem like years before your hair ever grows back.

Using essential oils on your naturally curly hair is a great way to encourage hair growth while also nourishing the roots of your hair so that your hair is stronger and healthier. Tea tree essential oil and rosemary essential oils are two oils that you can apply to your hair on a daily basis to encourage growth and keep your hair fresh and healthy looking.

Tip 3: Choose a Protective Hair Style

Most African American women cause serious damage to their hair when they over manipulate their hair trying desperately to detangle their hair. Switching from hairstyle to hairstyle on a weekly basis, and the frustrating detangling regime that entails, will cause a good deal of damage to your hair and only lead to more frizz and kinkiness in your hair.

Consider a hair style that is more protective, meaning that it will require less manipulation and detangling. This will allow your hair to regain its natural strength and vigor which will in turn allow you to experiment with other types of styles in the future.

Embrace Your Curls

Instead of going the easy route of simply ironing down your hair into a flat, lifeless straightness, it is important to truly embrace the vibrancy and life of your naturally curly hair. With these three simple tricks, your naturally curly hair will quickly become one of the most defining aspects of your natural beauty.

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