What Juicing Did For Me: BY Jewel Gould

What Juicing Did For Me: BY Jewel Gould

Though I am Ms. Healthy 101, I am also a wife, a friend, and mother of three. I have to look for new, exciting, and simple ways to incorporate healthy living into my busy schedule. There are times when I feel the need to kick it up a notch when reaching my health and fitness goals. And that's where my juice fast comes in.

My reasons for juicing were to help my baby girl with her asthma, for detoxing, and for my skin and overall energy levels. The results were amazing. I juiced nothing but fruits and vegetables for eight days. Juicing increased my energy and alertness (and helped me shed three pounds), but I was more blown away by the effects it had on my hair and skin. My skin developed a natural glow, but I also noticed that my hair was flourishing. I did not need to use as many products as normal. My tresses were more defined, strong, extremely moisturized, and it helped with stimulating growth. Because of the positive results I received after the fast, I decided to incorporate juicing into my everyday lifestyle. Whether I'm substituting a juice for a meal, or just having one for a snack, my juicer and I are best pals.

Here are some of my favorite blends that help to promote healthier skin and hair. The key is to have fun, be happy, and choose healthy every day.

Cool as a Cucumber


Green apples


Shine Hair Shine


Green apples


Lemon juice



Yummy Greens





Green apples

Wheat grass

I don’t know how many green apples, pineapples, or how many beets she meant. But with recipes, you have to be consistent. I suppose you can leave the Yummy Green recipe as just Pineapple and Green apple, but I really think it should be “Beets” in the Shine Hair Shine recipe.

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