Beautiful You Radio Show with Lady Emmy

Beautiful You Radio Show with Lady Emmy

Lady Emmy is a TV personality, professional model, beauty expert, lifestyle expert on women's issues, and board certified family and relationship counselor. She possesses an inner strength and a message that resonates with women. She has been traveling the country speaking to women on issues related to beauty which includes both inner and outer beauty as well as self-love.

Lady Emmy sat down with Naturally Happy Hair Magazine to tell us more about her new radio show on Houston’s KCOH as well as how to let our inner beauty and confidence shine.

NHH Mag: What led you into the beauty industry?

LM: I’ve always had a love for all things beauty. As a model, I’ve worked with many cosmetic and hair care companies on different print campaigns over the years. As I became a beauty expert, my love of the industry and the products has grown even more.

NHH Mag: You are launching a new radio show Beautiful You and listeners can hear it on KCOH on Saturday afternoons.  What are your goals for the radio show and why did you choose radio as a platform?

LM: Beautiful You airs live on Saturdays at 12pmCST/ 1pm EST. Listeners can currently tune in on KCOH. It is a national show that will also be available online and through app. The show is a new adventure for me. It’s an opportunity to further connect with my audience and share great information. I’ve been in TV for 9 years, but this will be my first radio project. The show is a unique, entertaining, informative, and fun show. There isn’t another radio show like it. The show is about beauty, inside and out, including skin care, hair, makeup, grooming, and men's grooming, as well as self-esteem and other inner wellness themes to help develop an overall “Beautiful You”! We’ll be talking beauty tips and information, as well as discussing the things that affect our inner beauty such as self-esteem, healthy relationships, and other lifestyle topics. We have guests and take call-in questions. We also have some great product giveaways and prizes each week for our listeners.

NHH Mag: Your list of accomplishments is pretty extensive. What’s the one thing you are most proud of and what do you want your legacy to be?

LM: I’m most proud of the fact that I haven’t compromised who I am, what I believe, or my gifts to get ahead. Through the grace of God I’ve accomplished a lot. In a world full of short cuts and compromising opportunities, I’ve remained focused and true to myself.

I hope my legacy includes my life and my work making an impact on the lives of others, especially women. I hope to build a brand and an organization that inspires people and has a lasting positive effect on their lives.

NHH Mag: NHH Magazine was created as a resource that provides education, inspiration, guidance and support for women with natural hair.  As a model, how do you handle your natural hair for photo shoots, television appearances and the like?

LM: I always strive to take great care of my hair. I try to work with hair stylists who focus on healthy hair. I usually deep condition my hair at home the night before a shoot or on-air appearance. I also avoid excessive heat when styling my hair. Whenever I’m styled by a new hair stylist, I always communicate any concerns I may have about their styling techniques or products.

NHH Mag: Beginning next month, we will kick off the Beautification Project. We are starting the campaign in hopes of encouraging women to re-evaluate adding artificial products like weave, heavy makeup and lashes.  We want women to know that beauty is tied to who you are inside and out. Adding enhancers is one thing, but some women are becoming unrecognizable.  What are your thoughts on true beauty?

LM: True beauty is an inner confidence and self-love that radiates out. Taking care of our outer appearance is important. However, it’s not more important than inner beauty. Self–esteem and all the things that make up our inner beauty determine our perspective on our outer beauty. We must love and value ourselves first. We should allow makeup and hair to enhance the beauty that we already know that we are. Artificial products should never be used to compensate for any lacking self-love or esteem issues. True beauty should start on the inside and radiate out which should affect the way we carry ourselves and should be our motivation to take care of our outer appearance as well.

You can find more information about Lady Emmy on her website

Twitter: @theladyemmy

Facebook: LadyEmmy

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