Men With Natural Hair-Wolfgang

Men With Natural Hair-Wolfgang

Most men have natural hair … how do you see yourself different?

Hmmmm, you know what — I don't see myself too different. Actually, I take that back, lol! The major difference between other natural males and myself is that I've made the natural look my foundation. I've embraced the uniqueness that it holds. Another major difference is, I love to express my African culture. I'm not shy/ashamed to say I'm African. I'm not ashamed to go outside with my hair out. I accept who I am. But the main difference is … I'm not growing my hair out because of some "trend." I'm growing mine out mainly because I've always wanted to obtain the wisdom or inspirational icon look of an elder.

What is the typical reaction you get from women regarding your hair?

Well, to be honest it's really a half and half situation. At times, some will react very surprised due to the fact that I've even grown it out for so long and want to touch it. I personally think it's easy to grow your hair if you forget you have hair for a while and just remember to keep it moisturized. The other half turns into a, "ughhh, he has hair" type vibe which kills me at times. It's strange to me how some women despise the fact I have long hair.

Is dating difficult because of your hair style?

You know what … I'm going to say yes — only because I'm living in the South now. If I was back up top in the (Washington, D.C.) area or Boston, I would've said no without hesitation. Down in Greensboro, N.C., where I am, it's a big shock for a "dark" male to have a lot of natural hair for some reason. Dark guys here I guess usually don't have hair much they just keep a level one, twists, or beginning "awkward stage" fros, but will cut it off because of something everyone else is doing with their hair. And since many guys tend to do "monkey see monkey do," a good amount of girls are pretty used to that. Plus, my character is pretty bold and with my hair it's "big" difference to get use to. The struggle of my life, smh.

What is your hair care regimen?

Right now it consists of oil washes or oil rinses as some call them, with a few co-washes that I do every day or every other day depending on how active I get. What I do is, throughout the day I'll moisturize my hair with Organic Root Stimulator (grapeseed oil and sweet almond oil) or Cococare Coconut Moisturizing Oil. When it comes time for me to wash my hair, I'll add additional oil to my hair and simply brush through my hair while in the shower. By parting my hair in the middle, it makes it easier to brush through with my vent brush. Now, if by any chance I'd act lazy about doing my hair, I'll use Tresemmé Climate Protection Conditioner to make it easier for me to brush through it. After that, I'll add some moisturizing oil while it's still wet, so that it'll soak well in my hair, acting as a great sealant. One of the best parts of my regimen is banding my hair. If I decide to do a bun I make sure I oil up my ends very well. Making a part in my hair and bunning the sides works very well simply because, it's easier to rub my scalp with oil. Next, is the Native American banding method. Where I brush my hair back while my hair is still wet with oil in it, and put it in a ponytail while consistently brushing my ponytail and adding more hair bands about half an inch apart or less until it reaches the end. Doing these steps makes it easier for my hair to reach it's stretched out look without using heat. It makes it easier to manage and apply the necessary oils to my hair better.

What message do you want to convey with your hair?

The message that having natural hair is nothing should be dismissed; it’s something that should ultimately be embraced by our culture. Our natural hair isn't a trend, it's a mark of a foundation we each uniquely hold. To me, my hair is an extension of my character and who I am as a person. I wish to enlighten and inspire other Naturals to accept themselves as well as appreciate what they hold being fine individuals. Lastly, I personally want to break the barrier some women have against males growing out their hair. It shouldn't matter whether I have a lot of hair — you should accept what I "naturally" am … which is a West African/Danish, dark chocolate, long haired guy named Wolfgang Lisborg trying to be a male voice for natural hair!

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