From Instagram to Covergirl @LuvleeLioness

Just a few months ago Rasheta, aka LuvleeLioness, was voted winner of our NHH Magazine "Covergirl" Contest on Facebook! Although all of the entrants were talented and beautiful, there was something magnetic about Rasheta. Apparently we're not alone in thinking so, as Rasheta's friends, family and social fans voted her all the way to the top...and onto our cover! Rasheta said "there was never a doubt in my mind whether or not I would be the winner" and the universe proved her right.

Rasheta said "My journey is so much more than just hair. My journey is about self-love, acceptance, positive esteem, and pride. When I decided to embark on my natural hair journey, I was basically proclaiming to the world that this was me. I am going to love me, unapologetically, totally, and naturally. It gave me a certain confidence and pride no one can take away from me. It was about loving myself and my hair, and going against social norms and society’s standard of beauty. Nothing is more beautiful to me than being able to look in the mirror with no makeup on, a head full of wild, unruly hair, and truly believe that you have never been more beautiful in all your life. It is about taking all of the negative connotations about natural hair and placing them in a corner so far away that no one can reach them. It is one thing to be able to look in the mirror with a head full of straight weave and what is considered "socially acceptable" and feeling beautiful. It is another when you can take all that away and still feel the same. My natural hair journey is about going against everything I have been programmed to believe about myself and deciding that I (not social media) am going to create my own standard, I am going to decide what is beautiful. I am going to believe in myself and know that I am wonderfully and marvelously made."

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