15 Natural Hair Growth Tips

15 Natural Hair Growth Tips

When you want your hair to grow naturally, the process seems longer without knowing what works best for achieving length. Our hair typically grows about six inches every year, while we lose an average of 50-100 hairs daily.

For some women, their hair grows long naturally, while for others, it feels like a headache, and they have to apply some effort to increase the growth rate of their hair.  Here are 15 Natural Hair Growth Tips to get your hair growth journey off to a great start.

1. Regular trims. Hair trimming might sound awkward, majorly according to this context, but it is healthy as it improves hair growth. Trimming gets rid of split ends, allowing for more growth and giving a great appearance that hair grows faster.
2. Maintain the right diet. Other products that you put on your hair don't maintain growth, but also good diet improves the hair growth rate. Feeding the hair from the inside involves getting the right diet which provides the building block of hair and hence high growth.
3. Stay away from excessive heat styling. Allowing the use of the heat protectant prevents direct exposure to high temperatures required for hair growth. Excessive heat damage hair, resulting in breakage and frizz, which reduces the growth rate of hair and is therefore not recommended for use.
4. Proper detangling. Getting rid of knots and tangles that come from not combing hair leads to split ends and breakage of natural hair. Using a detangling brush or wide-tooth comb is regarded as a common method of detangling as it pas through the knots hence healthy hair growth.
5. Protect hair from physical damage. Hair damage is more likely when it is wet, and therefore it is advisable to detangle with a slippery conditioner before you shampoo.  The hair shaft swells and stretches when exposed to water which causes the outer layer to bulge, and therefore lead to breakage.
6. Avoid smoking. The choice to smoke is personal, but it has adverse effects on hair growth rate. The major effect of smoking is that it prevents blood flow to the scalp and follicles, preventing nutrients and oxygen from reaching the hair and scalp, which is needed for healthy growth.
7. Avoid stress. Stress has more effects on the body and even causes hair loss. However, it normally takes traumatic stress over some time to cause hair loss since the body is not in good condition. 
8. Retaining moisture. Sleeping on a silk or stain pillowcase is healthier than cotton, which absorbs moisture from hair strands, causing breakage. Even though this doesn't speed up the hair growth rate, a satin pillowcase leads to less friction which offers a soft place for hair to rest.
9. Avoid over shampooing. Using too much shampoo can lead to hair dryness and breakage, leading to poor hair growth. Depending on your hair, the number of times you should shampoo needs to be limited to avoid excess dryness and shedding.
10. Apply Castor oil treatment. Castor oil is beneficial to hair growth since it has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, preventing scalp infection. It is also filled with vitamin E and nutrients, penetrating the strands and retaining moisture.
11. Scalp massage. People tend to spend more on buying hair products that they believe will bring change to their hair, forgetting that growth starts from the scalp. The benefit of scalp massage is that it reduces stress and blood pressure and, therefore, a good hair growth rate.
12. Drink a lot of water. Water is known to help the body function properly; however, it is also beneficial for hair growth. It provides the strands with hydration leading to improved growth of hair.
13. Use an egg mask. Eggs are rich in protein vitamins required for hair growth and moisturize and nourish the hair to prevent damage.
14. Coffee conditioner. It detoxifies the scalp and allows for blood circulation hence improving the growth rate of hair and preventing premature growth of grey hair.
15. Apply aloe vera gel. It is a cleansing agent and a moisturizer that repairs and strengthens the hair follicles and contributes vitamins that work best for cell growth.


Natural hair growth requires one to understand how to take care of their hair to prevent breakage and retain length. The tips presented above prove to work and have helped several to  grow their hair naturally, without ingesting or applying any other product to improve the growth.

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